Custom Framing

The first questions most people have when entering an art gallery or frame shop are 1) what is custom framing and 2) why do I need it? Obviously, if you’re just looking for a piece of artwork to fill up a blank space on your wall, and you don’t have strong feelings about the subject matter or how well it fits in with your existing decor, than custom framing is probably not something you need to think about when purchasing artwork. You’ll probably be more focused on size and subject rather than things like design elements, proportions, protection of artwork from light and all the other pieces of the puzzle that go into the custom framing process.

On the other hand, if you want to ensure that the things you hang on your walls fit into your current space with regard to color, size, subject matter, frame design and preservation, than custom framing is what you should consider. And because our owner Kathy has more than 15 years of experience in frame design as well as interior decorating, you’ve found the right place.

Some of the aspects of custom framing that are considered during this process are mat selection, moulding selection, mounting methods, glazing and, of course, preservation. A lot of decisions, but our primary focus is on making this an easy and fun experience. We will guide you through the design process, asking key questions along the way so that we can create a piece that suits your style, taste and personality, all within your budget.

Although we could fill a book about the how-to’s and benefits of custom framing, our ultimate goal is to see that smile on your face when you pick up your piece!